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Lost will end with the two oldest adversaries known to man playing a game unlike the game of "chess" - except instead of rooks, knights, pawns & royalty on a board game - they indirectly influence & manipulate humans with free will - people like Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke & "Others"

These two "men" have been playing this same game since the days of Adam & Eve - with the "all knowing" one winning over the "cunning" one each & every time - sometimes only by the narrowest of margins.

Who are these two classic adversaries? God & the Devil - who else?

For a show of this much scope, filled with so many philosophical & religious ideas, my guess(or at least what I think would be cool) is the last scene shows "God" & the "Devil" sitting in a room. God is on one side- sitting on white couch, stained glass windows behind him, light shining gloriously in. Across from him is the Devil -in front of a magnificent fireplace, smoke(monsters?) filling the air.

We hear God say triumphantly to the Devil - "You lose....yet again" - immediately after Jack finally accomplishes whatever it is he needs to win - "The Game"

The Devil immediately challenges God for yet another rematch, and God shrugs: "Why not?" Another accident is then devised that brings yet another group of people to the island - or what they consider their very own - "play ground"

What you think?

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