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When you think about the light in the cave what is the first thing that pops into your mind? The forbidden fruit and the tree of life, perhaps? What about the Statue of Liberty?

Consider for a moment all of the Egyptian symbolism throughout LOST - the four-toed statue of Taweret, Jacob's weaving, Alpert's eyes, the hieroglyphics on the blast door, it goes on and on - and then consider all of the Egyptian symbolism prominent in Free Masonry - the eye of Horus on our dollar bills, the five-pointed star on our flags (changed from a six-pointed star in order to represent earth, wind, water, fire and spirit,) the Washington Monument, literally an obelisk and an obelisk of course is the Egyptian symbol for the spirit of the Sun God Ra, but most prominent, perhaps, is the Statue of Liberty, Isis, with her spiked helmet pointing toward the sun while she holds up the torch of knowledge and enlightenment, a gift from French Free Masons to American Free Masons.

Remember when Jacob said if the light in the cave ever goes out then the light inside of everyone would go out with it and humanity would be royally f'ed over? Well, considering we saw Desmond take the pillar out of the center of the island, turning off the light, we know Jacob was lying...the island was going under and MIB became human, but nothing changed inside of Kate or Frank or Sawyer, etc....perhaps the truth is that he did not know what would happen, perhaps he was simply blindly protecting his cave of secret knowledge from everyone....like say Free Masons and the Illuminati keep so many truths from us sheep "to protect us". Of course if you seek out the truth and you're not a Mason then you'll turn into a pillar of evil black smoke; you cannot become enlightened on your own; so ultimately Jacob crashed a plane, killed a bunch of people in order to find some poor fool to replace him as the Holy Grail's guardian and justified it all because he was protecting a light source that can transform you into a smoke monster that he believed needed to be protected that really didn't need to be protected!

I'm not saying LOST is negative propaganda like V, there is so much positive about the show that simply isn't true, this doesn't detract from my enjoyment in any way. I am not a conspiracy nut, either, but it is an interesting enough, or perhaps insane enough, of a take on some of the symbols I thought I'd share.

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