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This is my first post ever! I simply wanted to share some ideas with you folks. So, let's get started:

1) If Smokey couldn't leave the island, how come Christian Shephard visited Jack, Charlie/Ana Lucia visited Hugo, etc while the Oceanic 6 were off the island?
IMO these where the "souls" of those people, not Smokey. The were already in the ALT (or Purgatory if you will) and wanted to help the O6 realize they had to come back, so that the things that had to happen (basically everything that happened from mid-S5 onwards) would in order for everyone's sake and redemption.

2) The Dharma Initiative? Well let's say they embodied the scientific side of the show, so they were investigating the pockets of electromagnetism et al. IMO they were something Jacob needed in order for the Incident and its aftermath to take place. The sonar fences which kept Smokey away, Room 23, etc. are evidence of this relationship. The DI kept dropping food until 2004 because Desmond was still in the hatch pushing the button and Jacob had to make sure he continued there until he turned the fail-safe key. He must have visited the brains of the DI outside the island to arrange this (though this was never shown).

3) Ultimately, Jacob was by far the most "disturbed" character on the show and needed the candidates to clean up his own mess (creating Smokey, etc.). That's why he waited until the last minute to burn his own ashes and "move on" (ha had already made sure the remaining Losties would perform the task/s needed for the "only ends once" circumstance.

These were my "three cents" and I hope you'll share your thoughts on them. Thank you for reading this post.

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