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As the story comes to an end, the obvious is expected. A happy ending. But we've followed these characters for so long, it's a shame that at this point, it looks like only one or two might receive that happy ending. But what if EVERYONE can have a happy ending?

It's already been set in motion since the beginning of this last season. The ALT. The ALT might be intriguing and all, but the characters in that universe aren't the exact same ones we've known since the pilot. There's hope though. And I think there's been hints ever since Charlotte died. Death is the key. It marks the end of life...in one universe. A transition to another. And when one is fortunate to BE dying versus simply dying (i.e. Charlotte, Juliet, etc.), the transition is heard by those around the person at the time of death.

Anyway, think of all the deaths since the show started. I believe Boone was the first. When he died, he went over to the ALT. The ALT was always there, we just started getting glimpses of it once Juliet detonated Jughead. And actually, I believe that's what kind of "linked" them now. When Boone died, there was no noticeable "change". But once Jughead went off and the link started, coupled with more of our Losties getting closer to death...the two started becoming one.

Simply put, I believe everyone's Island life (the characters we have known since the beginning) will bleed over into their ALT counterparts. This is the one way we get happy endings for everyone...or mostly everyone. And it wouldn't be for these "new" versions of our characters. That's not to say the ALT versions are pointless because they still need to do something important...something that Des is guiding them to do. And when that's done, everything will come together. Think about it. The Jack we've known since the beginning will have a new life filled with a son. Hurley will have money and actually be happy. Kate will actually be innocent. Sawyer will be an authority figure. The list goes on. Not only is it a literal happy ending, our characters would end up in the exact spot they should be in.

How MIB, Jacob or anyone else is involved is beyond me, but that sounds about right!

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