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I read a theory earlier today that "nanotechnology" would explain quite a bit about what is going on in Lost. The theory was very poorly written but it got my mind grapes going:

If anyone has ever read the book Prey by Michael Crighton (sp?), its about nanotechnology (really small computers) in that basically take on a mind of their own and take the form of black swarms (Smokey?). The nan-ites can also heal people, make them stronger, and take over their body.

Now I don't think the writers of Lost are ripping of Prey, but the swarm of nanites in Prey seem very similar to the black smoke (and the black smoke even seems electronic by the way it flashes and the noises it makes).

nan-ites would explain how people are healed on the island, they would explain the black smoke, they would even explain immortality, and the healing powers of the island. They wouldn't explain time travel, but I think that could be explained by the electro magnetism/worm holes, etc.

I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but I am beginning to think its possible that the ending of the show may have a "scientific" explanation as opposed to a completely mythological one.

It may be that Jacob and MIB were affected by nan-ites from the future. We already know that time travel is possible.

So basically:

Nan-ites would explain the black smoke, healing, immortality
Quantum theory would explain the alt timeline
Time travel would explain how the nan-ites were introduced to MIB and Jacob in the distant past.

This still doesn't explain the bizarre properties of the island or how everything will tie together in the end, but its something to think about...

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