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Sorry that i have not really contributed thus far, i have been an enthusiastic observer for quite some time though. I just didn't think i had anything to contribute up until now.

So i don't really have any answers, just questions... typically!!

So, my only concern with any theory for 'the end' that involves Jack saving the island and remaining as the island's protector forever is that this leaves possibilities for a continuing storyline, which i understand is not even remotely going to happen.

If the island continues to exist and jack is the new jacob forever, then this leaves it open (storyline/spinoff-wise) that he will have to one day seek candidates if he gets sick of the role himself in order to protect the island from new dangers.

And there are many theories out there that jack will visit the children of lost characters to recruit as potential candidates, but isnt this the definition of a continuing storyline?

As i understand it, the end is the end there is no room for further interpretation after the curtains are drawn, albeit by suggestion, assumption, theory or imagination. The end will obviously be the end and there will be no ability to even ponder what happens next once the 'lost' ending music and graphic logo appears.

My thought is that in order to end it in such a way, the single biggest common denominator needs to be removed from the equation. And that is the island. As long as the island exists, so does the story. And so will the story continue, because they have made it clear that the story reaches far beyond just the losties. So resolving just their characters and calling that 'the end' suggesting no extention on the story is possible, to me doesn't make sense.

Obviously it has been said that if the light goes out, it goes out everywhere, and bad things will happen, etc etc. But correct me if i'm wrong but didn't the light actually go out when smokie exited the Source? Are we to assume that it just came back on?

We obviously see the light in other episodes when the FDW is turned, but the light was out for atleast a brief moment and hell wasn't risen then? Or was the creation of the smoke monster the 'bad thing' that will happen? So if it already exists, what else could happen?

I just want to know how the light was turned back on after that incident. And if the world didn't really end, then maybe sending the island to the bottom of the ocean (if not originally caused by the bomb which i have my doubts about) and permanently turning the light off isn't so catastrophic? Who knows!

The only thing that's keeping me from thinking that a warm fuzzy ending is approaching in regards to the fate of the island is that the producers are pretty clear about the meaning behind 'the end'. However, i could be taking that too literally. Which is of course possible.

What we do know is that desmond's entire contribution to the show has been to change the course of the past or future, or to assist in making sure certain paths are taken. I'm not sure what having all the characters in the one place (the concert) at the same time means for the finale, but we can only assume that it has to do with correcting something, or changing something, or making sure something happens. And because its 'the end', what ever the reason behind it, it has to have absolutely no consequences, thus summing up what is and what isnt.

Us Australians have to wait until Wednesday for the finale so i will be avoiding the internet at all costs from sunday until then, as much as i'll be tempted to find out what happens, it would be a complete waste of six years not to experience it the same way i have experienced every other episode. SO i will be patient!

Feel free to correct any wrong assumption or statement.. i'm just trying to rationalise and tie up loose ends regarding the much desired happy ending for the island.

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