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I've read theory after theory about all of the unanswered questions. What is the island and what made it special ? The food drops, Walt, the boat-chase scene, the magic box, the cabin, Hurley-bird, pregnancy issues, etc. The list goes on and on. Personally, I loved the show - from the beginning to "The End". However, there are many out there who were upset that the series did not answer every one of these questions.

If you're one of those people, I have some good news for you... ALL of the answers are coming !

Stay with me here. Let's say you're a writer/producer on Lost. These are not stupid people. They've written a brilliantly crafted series for 6 seasons and they are the ones who introduced these mysteries throughout the years. Now let's say that a mystery is introduced (take your pick), but due to some issue (cast change, time to resolve the issue, change in show direction, whatever) that this mystery just can't be adequately resolved. Or worse - the writers wrote themselves into a corner and honestly can't accurately resolve this issue themselves !

That's where WE come in.

Just look at the theory boards here. Now multiply that times 100 different LOST-fan related sites. Believe me, the TPTB read them. Some of the theories proposed here have been BRILLIANT ! (some not so good, but let's focus on the good ones). All Darlton has to do is to take the best of the best theories and once their radio-silence is broken, they can explain some of these un-answered mysteries and those answers will come from OUR theories ! The TPTB know that we lost fanatics can actually fill in some of the holes in the story that the writers (for whatever reason) were unable to do.

It's genius ! You know that when the complete series box set comes out, Darlton will have commentary on the discs and they can simply explain unresolved mysteries based on OUR best theories and call them their own ! (It's not like we copyrighted them and who's to say our ideas weren't also their ideas anyway?)

Not only do they get to come forward and answer the questions lost fans have been obsessing over (as if they had the answers all along) but then we fans also will get closure to some of our questions and feel more satisfied. Then of course the deluxe-limited-gold-cased-exclusive DVD box set will come out. Then the books will be written that fill in some of those mystery gaps..and on and on. It's a gold mine ! LOST revenue will continue for years to come - all thanks to US !

So kids the answers to all of your questions are coming... just keep reading the theories posted here and elsewhere ! Who knows....one of YOUR theories about Libby in the mental instituion, Eloise Hawking knowing "everything", or all those crazy ALT-Sideways ideas might just turn out to be - in fact - what THEY had planned all along !

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