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Death is Death by Konstantin

So many people posted their theories after the finale event still clinging to the old observations or demanding answers to the questions unanswered. I think the show producers ultimately answered absolutely all the questions if not in a straightforward and direct form.

First, the show is about death - REAL death when you are totally dissolved into the light or whatever any earthly religion calls it. If you are a Christian you believe in ultimate union with Christ, if you are Budhist you believe in Nirvana, etc. But are there are Christians who believe that after death in Paradise they'll spend zillions of years (eternity actually) praising Jesus and singing psalms? Eternity! Does any Budhist believe that he will keep memory of his thousands useless lives he had before the death? Even if he is reborn as a rouch? What I mean - death is actually the death - it's total dissolvement in Light or Eternity leaving absolutely all of your earthly vanity behind. That's what LOST is about.

Second, what the matter about putting so much emphasis on the word "purgatory". This is a Catholic nothion. You can also call it simly "just another boring life as a tree" or "a long walkabout to the end" or whatever. Every life is a purgotary as long as we didn't find peace with ourselves and are not ready for total dissolvement (Real Death).

Third, what's the matter with them being live or dead. From the point of view of Eastern religions we are all dead - and dead many many times. Again - and I believe what LOST is telling us - the only REALLY dead people are those who totally dissolve into the LIGHT leaving absolutely nothing behind.

Putting it all together - LOST is and was and will be the greatest show ever. Yes, all of them were dead but it depends on how you define death. But at the end after a long walkabout they (those who were ready) found a real Death.

There's no purgotary at all. What we saw in the show was just another option of another life for people who couldn't find themselves. I would've called the Island a paradise because on one hand you find your dreams come true (you can walk) but on the other hand it's hell (you still cannot let your evil father ho). Every religion has its own name for the Island. Even atheists can believe in the Island - it's just an unique electromagnetic phenomenon (aliens from Mars?) that reads your consciousness, keeps it and plays with it (Solaris by S.Lem).

What's special with the Island? It gives you more powers - it gives you Magic Boxes if you REALLY REALLY want something. That's why I call it a kind of paradise. That answers all the questions. Food drops? Hurley wanted to eat so much. Dharma? - So many dead scientists who conduct so many dead stupid experiments. Ben's tumor? - Don't be pathetic about girls who hate you. Lock summoning rain? - Obvious. And so on and so on.

What's good about being a dead person? - You can make miracles. But you still cannot "let it go" and you still cannot "move on".

LOST - the greatest show of all times and places.

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