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Now that I have thought things through I can begin, its a good read if you are ready to move on (would be better with pictures tho), hope you enjoy.

I already posted a theory before which were my first initial thoughts when i woke up at 5 am to watch "The End" in the UK, yes im a bit of a looser and my girl friend had to leave the bedroom as we have a TV in our room with surround sound, she wasn't so inclined to watch it 3 hours before she had to get up for work... so spare room it was for her.. sorry Becky.

So Damon and Carlton chose to show us things over the 6 years that we as LOST fans have Ingested, digested and now we are all trying to regurgitate the most fulfilling answers to our own questions. some were answered by the creators of the best show ever, some unfortunately were not.

The Light, that has been so unprecedentedly Flashed before our eyes are glimpses of The Islands heart, its power, engine, fantastical ability to make everything that the human heart desires possible (The Box). This is why Man has been trying to get to it for a very long time. Skeletons in the Cave near the stone (plug), MIB and the people he was staying with; the well and the Donkey wheel (later to be found by Dharma). The Dharma Initiative also; The Swan and the Orchid Stations. all have been attempting to obtain the power of the island. So we know in a manner of speaking why the island is so special. one example, The island's power can heal. The magic Box factor.

here are some more:

a) When Desmond turned the fail safe key, the incident caused this build up of energy combined with the islands energy and it needed to be discharged every 108 minutes. I believe the energy is from the blast of JUGHEAD, an H-bomb is 3x hotter than the sun or something, well were talking about lots of energy. so when good old brother Des turned it, it was released, he was exposed to the islands energy (box) well we know all the rest, he was thinking of penny, the island threw his mind/body back to a time where he was with Penny, and he had a chance to change his future, but those are against the rules. He awoke in the jungle, naked, because the island has obviously some sort of perverted nature, but it gave Des the ability to see flashes of the future. Des was immune from the rules from then on. even tho he saved charlie several times he gave up to the natural course of things..

b) JUGHEAD OPENED THE BOX. now this goes back to my original thoughts after I was left a blubbering mess at 8 am in the morning, can grown men cry, well I certainly did. Remember what bug eyed Benjamin told Locke back in season 3, "whatever you wanted, imagined to be inside, when you opened it, there it would be" ( at this stage we LOST fans were only learning how to say dada and mama ) but obviously Ben revealed it to be metaphorical, but what's more of a metaphor than the island itself. so the islands heart is the box.

What did the Oceanic 815'ers want? They all wanted to have the plane never crash, to never know the island, to not suffer the heartache that was LOST season's 1-5.
but there was something also that was very important to the castaways. Each other. When jack was holding that bomb and dropped it into the swan site, they all stared at each other, longing for each other. they didn't want to forget their love for each other, and to be together forever, in life and/or after death.

the bomb didn't explode, Thanks Sayid, but it did after Juliet had a tantrum (hissy fit) with an H-Bomb. This explosion allowed the box to be opened. and the Flash-Side-Ways world was created. This is what they created: The plane never crashed, a world without the island, it was sunk under the sea, never to be found. Jack wanted to be a father, Sawyer wanted to be a good guy, Best cop spin-off show available to be written. get on it damon and carlton! Ben also wanted redemption, ect. ect.

But the island being sunk and buried was wrong. as the castaways forgot the time they spent together, so they couldn't move on. well we saw the rest. feelings that this matrix afterlife wasn't right by some of the characters.. Desmond and Hurley started pushing people to find one another, until they were ready to leave together. To where? well thats open to interpretation and other LOST fans faiths, me personally I understood it as they were going go to defeat the Cylons altogether.. awww...

well what of the other mysteries?

Well the fact that walt appeared to people. I can safety say that we had a problem with puberty.... WALT GREW, and his balls...


so entire story lines were dropped. but i think I can make some sense of it and make peace. for some very spacial unrevealed reason Walt attracted death somehow, like those birds that were suicidal.. poor birds,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyoL_Ng7Vl4 ..

pretty sure the Hurley Bird is there as well, another mystery solved. so i believe that MIB was able to take Walts form as Walt was Kinda the mecca for death or something.

why Jacks father appeared in someplaces where the MIB could never have gone, I think these are the genuine images and whispers of the dead, and in some cases the MIB for his own purposes.. Christian on freighter, Donkey wheel, in the real world with jack = real christian, Jacob's cabin = Man in black. ect.

Role of Eloise well i think she's one of those people who are pushing them people towards the island and their destinies, a bit how Des and Hurley were aware in the flash side ways.

The rules, well the box kinda outlines the rules, people who are in charge of the island like jacob and his mother and hurley are able to make the rules, change them if they are the guardians.. so mother of MIB and jacob set the rule about killing each other... the candidates couldn't be killed by MIB. Mother made it so women couldn't have babies, this is kinda the sinister way she ruled the island, she hated humanity, so she prevented them from procreating, and populating the island (to protect the light) I'm not sure if Hurely changed the rules so people could have babies or at least not die, who knows. Before its destruction, the statue depicted Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of birth, rebirth and the northern sky, well we can all guess that the very very old inhabitants (Egyptians) built it as the women were dying at birth.

Why jack didn't turn into smoke monster V.2, well as i said the energy is a box. so when MIB was in it he only imagined darkness revenge, the darker side of his soul made him into the Smoke monster, thats what he wanted. Desmond was unaffected as he is immune from the rules. Sorry Des you cant get to the afterlife yet, you have to live your life first.. jeez it was only 3 years ago u left the hatch after pushing the button every 108 minutes .

But jack, when he was in the water he just wanted to save the island, make it safe, so I guess he passed through the light cave as he had everything he had ever wanted to achieve.. his destiny, the island had already given him everything that he could of ever wanted, and he let go, so the island was done with him. he laid to rest next to Vincent, which i'm sorry has convinced me that i need a dog and i couldn't live with out it.

But why the other skeleton's in the cave? well what were they? were they candidates or guardians or immune or protected by the rules, Jacob cant kill MIB, so MIB's soul wasn't killed in the cave. and there were two skeletons in the cave + MIB body, would that create the 3 parts of smokey (Cerberus)? only a lil mind rush there lol...



if you want to see a funny clip of unanswered questions watch this



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