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Hi, this is my first post. It's not a huge revelation really, but an interesting parallel that I thought was neat.

Thinking back on the Sawyer and Juliet scene with the vending machine. They basically describe EXACTLY what is going on at the island, and how to kill Flocke. So the candybar is stuck, and Sawyer is banging on the machine. Juliet tells him a little trick. She tells him to unplug the machine to fix it, and maybe her most important clue, that its technically not even against the law.

Why is this important? Well, what is going on back on the island?? Desmond UNPLUGS the island/cork. Then what happens?? The light goes out! What happens when Sawyer unplugs the vending machine? All the lights go out! And now back to Juliets comment "it's technically not even breaking the law", what does that mean?

It's basically this, when the island was 'plugged in', it was considered breaking the rules (or the LAW!) to kill Flocke. But once unplugged, it's technically no longer considered 'breaking the law' to kill Flocke. So, once the machine is plugged back in, and once the island cork was plugged back in, all the lights come back on and everything is fixed.

Like I said, it's not some huge revelation or anything, but I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere yet. What do you guys think? Or was I reading into it a little too far?


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