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THE CONCERT by axb601

I believe that the concert we heard mentioned by Desmond and David in What They Died For will be the same event, hosted by Faraday. I think that Faraday will be David's piano tutor and hence why David will be playing at this concert.

Desmond clearly knows this. Therefore, he is bringing Kate, Hurley and Sayid himself. Jack, David and David's Mum (maybe Juliet?) will be attending anyway. Faraday, Eloise and Widmore will also be there. Maybe Penny as Desmond's guest?! It comes together nicely, and it's subtle enough for many of us not to spot the links first time around!!

I want to take this one step further and recall the "benefit" at Miles' Dad's (Pierre Chang) museum, the "concert he's been telling Sawyer about all week".... Oh you've guessed it! They are all coming together. Hopefully Sawyer will also be convinced by Miles to go along in the end.

So when we look at it objectively, it has seemed highly likely that the finale would show all of our beloved characters coming together in the flash-sideways, but we weren't sure how. If this is correct we have in total, Jack, David, David's Mum, Desmond, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Miles, Charlotte, Eloise, Faraday, (probably) Widmore, (possibly) Penny and to top it off, Pierre Chang. And that's just so far. As I said hopefully Sawyer will also attend, and I suppose we could see some other cast members also.

I have never been this confident on a theory of mine before, hence why I've sent it in!!! Let me know what you guys think. Hopefully I haven't stated the bleeding obvious, in which case, slate me in the comments!!!

An after-thought... If Hurley is attending and him and Libby remember, then it is almost certain she will be there too. Another name for the list... You can just call me Jacob...!

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