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I've done some lookin' up and I have found some interesting material on the name Claudia, mother of Jacob and MIB. It has led me to wonder about possible names for MIB, as well as Mother.

Claudia Octavia was the daughter of Emperor Claudius, who ruled from 41 AD to 54 AD. Claudia Octavia was born between 40 and 42 AD. Her mother was executed in 46 AD for conspiring to murder her father, Claudius. Claudius then married his own niece (oooh), Agrippina the Younger, who had a son named Nero. Claudia Octavia would be married to Nero in 53 AD (double ooh), who would accede to Emperor in 54 AD after possibly poisoning Claudia Octavia's brother, Brittanicus, who had been the heir. This is when Claudia Octavia became disenchanted and unhappy with Nero, right as he was becoming Emperor, which makes some sense.

Nero would proceed to have his fill of two prominent mistresses: another Claudia, Claudia Acte, and Poppaea Sabina. Nero romanced Claudia Acte for a few years, and their relationship (from Wikipedia) "reduced Agrippina's sway over her son and therefore her influence on the Empire. Agrippina's increasing efforts to separate Nero from Acte served only to increase his fondness for her; and the ensuing conflicts led Nero to take absolute control of the Empire and, eventually, to order his mother's assassination." (MIB and Mother connection)

Then his relationship with Poppaea Sabina. Nero would divorce Claudia Octavia and marry Poppaea Sabina 12 days later. Here's where it gets interesting: Nero would claim that Claudia Octavia was barren but had committed adultery (scarlet robes, anyone?), and then he would banish her to the island Pandateria. All of Rome was upset with this development, as she was beloved. Parades and protests calling for her return ensued, but Nero ended up ordering her death warrant. Her death was grisly, and Wikipedia sums it up nicely: she "was bound and her veins were opened in a traditional Roman suicide ritual. Her terror was so great that the flow of blood was retarded and so she was suffocated in an exceedingly hot vapor bath. Octavia’s head was cut off and sent to Poppaea."

Ok, then Nero would go on to have ongoing nightmares about murdering his mother, Agrippina, and the execution of his wife Claudia, on an island across the sea. So it doesn't all match up perfectly by any means, but I wonder if MIB's name is Nero, and Mother's name is Agrippina. It would be interesting, no?

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