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I'm watching Season 5 again, specifically Christian/MIB's instructions to Locke before he turned the wheel:
1 -- "Get your friends. It must be all of them..." (i.e., "so I can kill all of you at once" -- we know that now)
2 -- "Eloise Hawking will tell you what to do." He's very specific to mention Eloise.

Is it possible that Eloise is in cahoots w/MIB?
After all, she was completely insistent that they get on the Ajira plane to go back to the island.
She was also really mad about the "violation" that was allowing the ALT 815-ers to sense their parallel/original selves.

Plus she had all that knowledge in the Lighthouse, knowledge provided by "a great man."
Think she went on a bit too much about that "great man?" Of course she did -- all that was the work of her son's equations in his journal.

Maybe MIB promised her that he could bring Daniel back if she helped him.
When Daniel died, Jacob did not help her.
Jacob/Richard did not put dead Daniel in the clear water pool the way little Ben Linus was revived just days/weeks(?) before.
So Ben got saved, but Eloise's son did not.

Headstrong Eloise could not have liked that very much.
And we know that MIB's main tactic is his "offer" to reunite people with the missing/dead.

So is it possible we'll learn that she's had a single purpose all this time?
Is it possible that her efforts to dissuade Desmond may have been solely to keep a wild card from messing up her plan of getting rid of Jacob & his candidates?

That specific mention of Eloise by (a man we now know to be) a villain struck me as very odd.
What do you guys think?

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