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Christian Shepherd by Scott Guilbert

I've seen countless people complaining about the Christian Shepherd appearing to Jack off the island and to Michael on the freighter issue. And i've also noticed that when you look back at some of the crazy theories people used to have and how it turned out...a lot of the time it was just a simple explanation rather then a meaningful and in depth situation.

So my theory on the Christian Shepherd thing was that it was always MIB but off island it was just Jack imagining it...

I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure he'd started popping the pills at this point and he was tired after a long day and Hurley had been filling his head with all this crazy stuff so maybe he just hallucinated? Christian didn't say anything to Jack or give any real point to being there so that's my theory to try and explain it. If it's not that then it's a mistake by the writers and I want to believe that they didn't mess up.

And with the appearance on the freighter...MIB can go across water (like he did to hydra island) but it has to be in proximity to the island (like when Daniel says they were still in the proximity to time travel with the others). Well Jin was in the proximity cus he time travelled with the rest of them so my guess is that the freighter was in proximity to the island when it blew up which means that MIB could get onto it. The freighter was heading to the island at the time but said it wouldn't go any closer then 5 miles to the island cus of the reef. Well hydra island was like 2 maybe 3 miles away from the main island so I reckon it got close enough.

Hopefully this works.

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