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Benny and the Smoke by ProgLOSTicator

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Alright. Alright. So it certainly looks as though Ben hadn't crossed over to the good side as completely as we have thought. Now he's paling around with Flocke and seems eager to do his bidding so that he can finally have control of the island after he leaves. But his whole life has been a lie. Why would he wear his intentions on his sleeve now. The answer is that Ben is conning Flocke.

I have to go back to the scene in "Recon" when Flocke tells Sawyer that he is the best liar he has ever seen. Really? I mean he's a good conman but we all know who the best liar is. It's Ben. Good Ole "I lie, that's what I do," Ben. Now he's running his con on Flocke. So what is his con?

If we listen carefully to what he says we can figure out his plan and maybe the end of Lost.

So we know that Ben knew how to summon Smokey, presumably for a long time. Maybe even used it before the freighter crew. But Ben then states that he knows now that he wasn't summoning the smoke monster, it was summoning him. Calling to him. Beckoning him. Using him. I think now he's pissed. Think about it. He doesn't want to help Smokey like he did in the past. He wants revenge. And he shall have it.

Child Ben wanted to join the Others because he was missing something in his life. Just as Jacob stated that he chose the candidates because just like him they were alone. Alone. Ben has always felt alone. He has always seemed to me to be an extremely smart boy who couldn't win his father's approval. He has always seemed to me that he was just trying to find a place to fit in. He has been searching for his destiny. Where did he find it? In the island. MIB used Ben this whole time and Little Benny is looking for a little payback.

So Flocke promises Ben that he can have the island when he leaves. One can presuppose that Flocke is lying and has no intention of leaving Ben alive, evidenced by his new plan to destroy the island. When Ben learns this he knows that he can never let this happen. He won't let this prick take away his island.

So Ben has been deceived his whole life. Now he feels like a sucker. A fool. An inconsequential nothing. What a wasted life he has lived. He was lucky enough to get to experience this wonderful island and now he knows that he has only been a pawn in one man's plot to destroy the only thing he has ever loved. The island. He loved Annie and Alex and maybe even his cocked-up daddy, but he loves nothing like he loves the island. So what makes Flocke think he can actually coerce Ben to help him destroy his one true love? Because now Flocke is the sucker. Ben will get his revenge.

Looks like Ben is just taggin' along with Flocke like some freakish sidekick. That's all a ruse. Go back and listen to his questions for Flocke at the episode's end.

He is gleaning info for a Smokey beat down. He is preparing to take him out because he has figured something out. The whole time MIB was using him for his con, Ben was getting smarter. I think Ben has had his own AHAAAA moment and now knows how to kill the Smoke Monster. So how will he do it?

Well Ben actually likes the idea of the Smoke monster as a security system. He used it when he was protecting the island and now he wants it to continue.

Unbeknownst to Ben Jack has been selected as the Lord of the Island. Ben doesn't know this and with his con he is actually trying to do the same thing. He is trying to become a protector of the island. Here's how he'll do it.

Ben will follow MIB's plan to follow Desmond or Jack to the light cave. Once there he will toss dudes ass in. Wait that probably won't work will it? No. Instead he will grab him and drag him down in the light with him. The two will go down but only one will come back up. Ben. He will be the new Smoke monster. Only this time Smokey actually will protect the island.

Think about it. It's perfect. MIB Smokey made a horrible protector because his one true desire was to leave the island. Not stay. Even if he had to kill to do it. When he was made Smokey he still had that desire. Possibly even stronger. When Ben comes back out of the cave as a smoke monster his one true desire will also manifest in an obsessive form. He will be Smokey with an intense desire to protect the island. Only problem his he will not be the Lord of the Island. That's Jack. He will be subject to Jacks demands as Jack is in charge. But boy when Jack summons him to do some dirty work, folks better watch out! Jack my be the protector but Ben will be his muscle.

That's it kids. Have at it like the last piece of pie.

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