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Ben Linus has always been an enigmatic character on Lost. Is he good or bad was my main question since he was introduced in Season 2. He staunchly believed that any decision he made had to be for the good of the island, based on the instructions he thought he was receiving from Jacob. When in reality, they were from the MIB. When Ben was a child he was dipped into the healing waters of the Temple and was changed forever. Is that because MIB took a dip in his waters when he lost his corporeal form when Jacob sent him into the light? I firmly believe the water that goes into the light cave also went into the temple. And when Jacob died, that water got really messed up, thus Sayid getting really infected.

But back to Benjamin. He wavered back and forth towards the end of whose side to be on. You could never be 100% certain where his loyalty lied. But once Flocke died, he genuinely accepted Hurley's help to be his #2 once Hurley became the new Jacob. And it sounds like he did a great job as per Hurley at the church. Did it take Flocke getting killed to removed that taint from Ben, his evil streak? I think it did. Maybe we will see more of this on the Season 6 DVD with the extra Ben and Hurley footage.

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