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Annoying facts by Sawya

Ok, now we've all seen the series' finale we can definetely talk about thinks which we were said and were not true: lost's lies.

I'm not going to be very original, I'm just going to talk about some things which every single fan of lost is annoyed with:

1. Christian's body (on island): as we've seen, Flocke is able to take someone's form once he's dead, but he doesn't take his body but just his form, the body continues being there.
- Evidence: MIB took Locke's form in Season 5 and 6.
- Annoying fact: Christian's body wasn't in the coffin in season 1.

2. Christian being off the Island once dead: we have been said that he was the MIB, and we also have been said that MIB can't leave the Island.
- Evidence: MIB tries hardly to leave the Island in season 6 by killing the candidates or destroying the Island.
- Annoying fact: we've seen Christian Shepard (once dead) off the Island, talking to Jack and talking to Michael.

3. Charlie died for a lie: he was said (by Desmond) that if he died, Claire would get into a helycopter with Aaron and leave the Island.
- Evidence: Desmond said exactly that to Charlie.
- Annoying fact: that never happenned.. unless we had to consider that Desmond lied or that he confused Claire with Charlotte or Kate (which would be very annoying).

4. Jacob's Cabin: at first, we were told by Ben that Jacob lived in there, but then we knew that he was lying, he had never seen Jacob. Then, someone speaks to Locke, and through the caos we are able to see a kind of shadow which doesn't look like Jacob at all, looks more like MIB. In season 4, Hurley finds accidentally the Cabin, and sees something inside: Christian Shepard in a chair and a brown eye. In season 6, Ilana finds the Cabin and decides to burn it because "he's not been there for many time, someone else has been using it".
- Annoying facts: there are plenty of them:
4.1: why did Ben decide to take Locke to that Cabin? He decided randomly? How did he know that Cabin existed?
4.2: Who was there inside the Cabin? What was he doing? Did he know that Locke and Ben were going there?
4.3: Who's eye was the one that Hurley sees? Asuming that it can't be MIB, as he was in the chair.
4.4: Who refers Ilana when she says "he's not been here"? Jacob, Richard... MIB? What does "use the Cabin" mean? Why does she burn it?

5. The numbers: from de begining of the show, the numbers have been one of the big misteries, maybe the biggest. Well, they mean nothing, they were just the order that Jacob had asigned to his candidates, nothing more.
- Annoying fact: obvious, isn't it?

6. The egyptian references: ok, we've seen pleeenty of hierogliphycs, the Tueris' Statue, the Temple... and we have never seen any egyptian on Island.
- Annoying fact: man, if you put egyptian references everywhere, show how they were done or something, don't just let them stand. And why does Jacob live in the Statue¿?

7. The rules: we have been said that there are some rules which can not be broken between Jacob and MIB... well, it seems like we'll never know. When something can't be explained, it's a rule.

8. The circle of ash: well, that's funny. "Monster, you can't come in inside this circle of ash if Dogen is here". Oh, come on.

9. Kate: she's an annoying fact herself.

10. Widmore bringing back Desmond: why did he wanted Desmond to be on the Island? Why did he needed him for? The only one who could need Desmond was MIB to destroy the Island, unless Widmore knew that if the light turned off MIB would be human again and he could be killed.

Help me if you want by saying more annoying facts, thank you.

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