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This might not seem significant at first but bear with me. I am thinking that of all the people who ended up on the Island, only the Dharma Initiative came uninvited. They are on hostile terms with the Others the whole time they are on the Island, and are eventually exterminated by them (in the original universe).

I think its significant that, out of everyone we've seen in the Alternate universe, only Ben and his father have been to the Island. We haven't seen Richard yet, but if he never went to the Island then presumably he isn't immortal and he died a long time ago. Rousseau clearly never landed on the Island because Alex is an english-speaking teenager living in LA. It's unclear whether Widmore or Eloise were on the Island, but Desmond didn't crash there, nor Ilana.

What I'm suggesting is that the alternate timeline is one in which Jacob never existed. He never tampered with the lives of the Losties, and they have radically different lives as a result. Detonating Jughead wouldn't make Jack have a son, or cause Locke to be paralyzed in a plane crash. Something else is happening here.

I think the fact that Dharma was on the Island in the alternate universe yet seemingly no one else was is evidence that they shouldn't have been on the Island to begin with. They located the Island through the use of technology rather than being selected by Jacob. I think this might be important in the long run because they represent a "variable" in MiB and Jacob's game. Dharma represents an unexpected third party who could end up playing a big role, especially if Eloise is still working at a Dharma station in the Alternate universe.

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