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Ok, after seeing Across the Sea i developed a theory concerning the physical time of the events that are showed in this episode. Even better, i have 2 theories:

1. - Claudia arrived on the island certainly after year 36. Or more like it, in the first 2 centuries of the christian era, probably around 180-300. Why? Because names her son Jacob. The name could have also a Judaic significance, but in this case it seems to be christian (I'll get to this later on).
This theory could be sustained by the clothing on the other people on the island that Jacob and his brother see as children; they are wearing typical roman clothing that could date from the suggested time.
2. - The events could have happen in a physical time after the period suggested (even in 1700 or whatever). The archaic way on life is kept by Jacob even in the OT; he is still weaving and wears self-made clothes. But this theory would contradict the typical roman appearance of the brother's mother and her ship companions.

Also, when the fake mother is giving Jacob the wine, in front of the light cave, the christian background is clearly visible. The ritual of wine drinking and the blessings performed before, give to the ritual a baptismal form, or more like a ritual of integration in a religious community. The baptism by wine drinking/ water / anointment came to existence at the beginning of the christian era. That's why i said before that the whole pictures carries a christian significance. In the Judaic communities (Islamic too, but that came later on), the ritual of entering in the community was marked by circumcision; only in Early Christian times, the baptism by water (we have already seen Jacob performing that with Richard, wine (Fake Mother & Jacob) and anointing appeared. So the fact that Jacob is drinking the blessed wine makes him a new member with full rights of an esoteric community. With his initiation comes responsibility too. He now must act like the others like him, taking a role in his community and obeying the new rules that his new status demands.

Well this is it guys, hope you'll enjoy it!
Sorry for my English, didn't practice it for a while:)
Would love to give more details, but i have to finish my thesis :) I'll be back soon though

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