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OK, so we've learned quite a lot while remaining in the dark.

This doesn't really have any spoilers but it does recap across the sea so if you haven't seen this please don't read!

Many of these ideas may have been mentioned before but there's only one place to speak my mind.
1st off, I have been watching the show since day one and after 7 years of information, I'm sure you all feel the same as I do: there's so much to process.
My Questions:

1. Did Ben's laws of killing your father have anything to do with the overall plot (does it have anything to do with MIB killing his own mother?)
2. Will we ever learn things that will close off questions regarding: the Hurley bird, the others' brain warping stations (remember Alex's bf being brainwashed), Walt (his special gifts, him showing up in front of Locke when he was left for dead because Walt was not dead therefore the Smoke Monster/MIB couldn't use his body), Does being a child on the island have secret purpose? Young Jacob, young MIB and Walt have been seen on the island and they're not dead (technically). Was Walt the one talking to Michael via the computer at the hatch? Kelvin's secret painting map, the injections that Desmond had to inject? There's just so much left to answer but if anyone has any insight or thoughts pertaining to Across the Sea and those questions please feel free to jot them down.

OK, on to theories: First time around I hated Across the Sea, but watching it again made me love it. This show is all about questions and the need for answers hence mother stating: "every question you ask will only lead to another question." So as fans this seems like the producers are basically asking us to stop asking questions in order to take in the info and shut the door on questions we'll never have answered. The Source will probably never be explained but it has 2 meanings: It's probably the strongest source of power/electromagnetism that we can find and therefore the power of the light is unimaginable. We're not supposed to use it almost like a fruit of knowledge reference (don't worry I'm not a huge religious freak although faith is an extremely important part of this show). Does anyone think that the producers almost want this to be a different thought process towards religion? An earlier post recognized that the episode took place in 43AD and that man in black was with the men for 30 years when he left at age 13, so 0-1BC/AD. I don't really care about the whole when Jesus was born argument although this does explain a lot of religious type explanations regarding the show. If people left the island after seeing the craziness that was endured on it, it's quite possible this is where religion could have been conceived. here's a crazy thought: what if our Losties finish this story and some are allowed to leave although the wheel is turned or the source is activated sending them back to the lands across the sea in 0-1BC/AD? Their stories could produce the start of religion worldwide. just a thought. There were so many biblical references i.e. Cane and Able, light and dark, the garden of Eden, Evil vs. Good, light and dark, A mother without a man giving birth to boys*. Mother probably made them seem like an immaculate birth which is funny regarding Locke's mother claiming he didn't have a father and was immaculately conceived. (sorry for spelling everywhere guys just bare with me). My thoughts are that Mother wanted a way off the island or at least a way to stop protecting the Source, while still making sure it was safe. She couldn't kill herself since we found out that candidates cant kill themselves only each other. We also found that talking to someone before attempting to kill them doesn't work hence MIB telling Richard not to speak a word to Jacob, Dogan telling Sayid to kill FLocke(this may not have worked because Sayid was already corrupted and couldn't kill MIB, and then in Across the Sea MIB kills mother before saying a word to her and she simply thanks him. It's also funny that Jack finds the white and black rocks and of course its Locke and jack looking at each other debating the bodies and Jack hiding the rock pieces immediately hint hint*. So the producers may not have planned it 7 years ago but it certainly works out perfectly.
Some more Tidbits:
Now that MIB has smashed the wine bottle no one else can drink from it and become immortal? That probably doesn't fare well with the remaining candidates.
What would happen if Desmond came in contact with the source? Since he is immune to high electromagnetic exposure would he be able to change the fate of everyone since he wouldn't be able to become a smoke monster? It's pretty obvious MIB knows he's still alive/he's scared of the events that could take place.
Watching the show, I'm sure we can assume Jack is the candidate because of his new demeanor and ideals towards the island. He wants to be the savior, protector, reason for everyone's happily ever after.
Does anyone think that besides the incident the button may have been pushed to contain the sources energy? I mean theres so much to answer and with 3 1/2 hours left, our brains are gonna have to cram to keep up and remember/realize the significance of all events.
lemme here your thoughts, Lost fans are quite simply the smartest of all primetime television viewers. My girlfriends brother came in and watched 15 min. of across the sea said "this is retarded" and walked out. Needless to say anyone who jumps into LOST would be confused, but we both laughed b/c he simply would never understand the amount of patience, brainpower, and pure intelligence/imagination we lost fans have to endure.

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