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Why the island has to sink by bobby

Dont have a whole lot to go on and I apoligize if someone has mentioned this before but I think the reason that the island is eventually sank is due to the fact that water is the only way to stop smokey. In the last episode he was asked why not turn into smokey and fly over to hydra island and his response was something like if I could I would. That got me to thinking about the episode in season one where Jack, Kate, and Charlie go to find the cockpit. In that episode the smoke monster attacks the pilot and everyone runs for their life. I remember that it started to rain heavily as they were running away and after the rain had stopped the smoke monster was gone. Did Jacob cause it to rain to save them from Smokey? He obviously can control the weather being that he caused a tsunami to bring the Black Rock to the island on what appeared to be a beautiful day. Also, when Ben summoned Smokey so he could be judged la! st season the cork, if you will, to whatever it was that released him was submerged in water. I bet that it is revealed that the island must be sunk because that is the only way to stop him and Jack or Ben will be the one to stick around to do it while everyone else leaves. Please be gentle with your comments as you guys prove me to be way off on this one. I'm a sensitive dude! lol

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