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Ok this just hit me but if the ALT is in fact a different "universe" or world from our main world or timeline (and perhaps just one of the similar worlds among many) -- then there is a critical question where/who is the smoke monster/MIB in the ALT world?

I think it is safe to say he's not Locke. And he doesn''t seem to be any of the other candidates that were on the plane in LAX either. Ok.

While many of the Losties lives are similar but better in the ALT, we also know the island is sunk -- perhaps (probably) meaning that MIB has escaped the island and is preparing to wreak havoc on the world.

Last night Desmond returned to the main time line/world as "the package". And again in the main world Desmond is able to time travel -- a unique ability.

What if Desmond can also travel BETWEEN THE WORLDS?

And what if, in the ALT world, (huge leap here, no support for this) Smokey
takes over DESMOND"S body/form - not Locke's?

That would mean the Desmond we saw on the plane in LAX is SMOKEY/MIB.

And even scarier, if that particular Desmond can move not just in time, but between the worlds, the stakes in the end game become even greater.

I have thought for a while that the ALT world is doomed, due to MIB's escape from the island. But if he escapes in Desmond's form, with Desmond's powers -- would that put ALL possible worlds (again perhaps an infinite number more than the two we are watching in the MAIN and ALT ) at the mercy of an all powerful smoke monster.

End game: if MIB succeeds, it is the end of the universe, not just the world

I know there's more than few leaps and what ifs here, but something about Desmond on the plane in the ALT, and the question of who/what MIB is in the ALT -- well, it just feels right to me -- and this is my best stab at it.

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