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Let’s reflect:

In the most recent episode, The Package, we were finally gifted with the presence of Mr. Desmond David Hume, after him being gone since the season premiere (were, he appeared only briefly.) So, Mr. Hume is now back on the Island, after promising to his wife, Penelope “Penny” Widmore (or is it Hume now?) that he would never go back, and he would never leave her. He told her this, whilst in a hospital bed for being shot by Benjamin Linus, who was attempting to get revenge on his nemesis Charles Widmore, the father of Daniel Faraday and Penny, the man who had once been a leader to the Island, the man who was banished, the man who sent mercenaries to the Island to extract Ben, and the man who has now also returned to the Island, and appears to no doubt, be one of the good guys...and he didn’t come alone, because it was he, who has brought Desmond.

So, reflecting over, what do we know at the present time? Well, Widmore has obviously kidnapped Desmond, as he awakens on the peer all drugged up when he sees Sayid staring back at him from the water. But the question here, is what is Desmond’s purpose, and what is it he is here for exactly?

My belief is that Desmond is returning, because he was always supposed to return. Eloise Hawking (mother of Daniel Faraday, and also once was a leader on the Island) told him herself, “the Island isn’t done with you yet,” and that appears to be the truth after all. Are Widmore and Hawking still continuing to be working for Jacob? I think that it appears so blatantly. Yes, one was exiled, and the other appeared to leave to raise Daniel, however, based on the episode 316 and what we have recently learned of Widmore on-Island, it seems that they never truly lost touch with the Island.

Desmond is not a “candidate,” so that begs the question as to what he is here for. But I think the answer is right before our eyes, we just need to look closer. I’m gonna stick to my feelings that the alternate timeline will follow the actual timeline story. But how does that happen? Who makes that happen? My theory, is that Desmond is behind it. And my theory doesn’t end there. I also believe that Desmond, though not being a “candidate” will take the responsibility. Just because the Island is underwater, doesn’t mean that the mythology is over. I believe that Desmond will be the new Jacob, and will move about, touching people, and bringing them somewhere important, by the end of the show (alternate timeline wise).

Desmond will turn the Donkey Wheel, but due to something in time and space (perhaps Desmond himself), the Island doesn’t merely move through time, but sinks instead, to the oceans depths. It is here, that Desmond must make the choice. Two paths laid out before him, one would lead to his doom, killing him, and everybody else who remains on the Island, and the other path leads home, though he must take on the responsibilities of Jacob, and in a totally different timeline, thus nobody remembering anything that had happened. He will take the latter choice.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking though, thinking about characters having little deja’vu moments, connections, and whether or not they will all come together towards the end. If so, how would this happen, and how would they remember? Would it just be by some sheer coincidence? Or...would it be because Desmond is the Constant, and everybody else are the Variables.

When Desmond’s consciousness travelled through time in The Constant, he forgot everybody, however when he met with his own Constant, Penny, he started remembering things, and it all came back together. Perhaps Desmond is everybody’s constant (almost), and that just like Jacob, he goes around, touching people, bringing them all together, because it is the only way that he and Penny could be together again.

He has already touched one person, and that was Jack, and then he just disappeared. Who will he touch next?
And all of this is in tune with my idea, that the entire show is about love, and that the greatest sacrifices will be made for love.
Well, that’s my theory anyway. Like it, pan it, hate it, do whatever you want. :)

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