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What is Jacob doing?! by Big Sean

Let's start this theory by a number of "known" facts that I feel contradict themselves:

- Jacob and MIB can't kill each other
- MIB wants to kill Jacob so that he can leave the island, but can't do it without a "loophole"
- It's safe to assume "loophole" = person MIB tricks into it
- Jacob is responsible for most people coming to the island
- Jacob does not want MIB to leave the island, and in fact understands that it would be disastrous

So, it would seem to me that if Jacob would STOP FREAKING BRINGING PEOPLE TO THE ISLAND, then MIB would never get out, guaranteed. He understands that MIB has to be kept on the island. He doesn't HAVE to bring people, as evidenced by his conversation where MIB says, "I know why they're here, you brought them here." To me, the way MIB said that seemed to imply that he was just bringing people to the island to prove a point, or to annoy MIB, so I don't think he HAS to bring people. My point is, he wouldn't have asked the question in the first place if he knew that Jacob HAD to bring people to the island.

That means that Jacob is bringing people to the island for a point. He is either egotistical or arrogant, and he thinks that he has to PROVE that humans can choose the best path without being shown it, or he wants to know that his lifetime of servitude protecting humanity was worth it - that man can choose the best path on faith. I bet the first one is more likely, which makes Jacob not a perfectly good person, but a flawed being that used to be human.

This may not be the most important theory ever put forth, but I think it's helpful to understand Jacob's reasoning in order to decipher what his true purpose is for the people there.

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