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In LOST's first season, episode 11, "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues," we are on the hunt for Ethan, Claire and Charlie, as it appears Ethan was not one of them and kidnapped Charlie and Claire. When Jack and Kate stumble upon Charlie, they find him hanged and, for the most part, limp. Jack beats savagely at his chest to wake him up, as he denies that he got there too late and let it happen, and a miracle happens: Charlie wakes up after minutes of unconsciousness.

This isn't the first time that Charlie nearly dies by asphyxiation, for example:

Desmond's visions - death by drowning (saving Claire) and death by an arrow to the throat
In the FSW - Charlie almost chokes on his bag of heroin, until Jack saves him in the exact same way (He even mutters, "I was supposed to die.")

I'm wondering if, until Jack kept beating his chest (which, even if Charlie were to wake up, probably broke some of his ribs) Charlie was dead, and Jack literally worked a miracle on him, bringing him back to life. Is it possible that Charlie was supposed to die at that moment, and that is what led to him needing to die later on, as shown by Desmond's visions? Is Jack the reason Charlie avoided certain death, and postponed his fate? Perhaps Jack and Desmond share the same ability and the rules don't apply to Jack either. However, maybe the rules don't apply the same way to Jack, perhaps the rules are referring to the rules of life/death, rather than space/time.


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