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I think I know whats going on in the alt. Now, it initially appeared that love was what triggered the losties to begin to recall their island lives with the exception of those that have died on the island. I don't think that it is merely love. I think that certain moments in the losties' lives must be recreated in order for those memories to begin to come back.

Charlie and Desmond under water, Hurley and Libby having a picnic on the beach, Desmond and Penny meeting at the track, and now Locke, laying flat on his back, seemingly broken.

As for Charles and Eloise Widmore, I believe they have most of if not all of their memories from the island in the alt timeline because they they fell in love and recreated their moment on the island before it sank. Another thing that crossed my mind was the scene with Libby and Hurley. When Libby was describing seeing Hurley in the commercial and being overcome with emotion and not knowing why, the first thing that crossed my mind was Faraday crying at the sight of seeing the wreckage of 815 on TV.

Tell me what you think.

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