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They're Coming by Still on Board

Just a quickie.

When Jacob said, "they're coming", he meant the ALT-timeline castaways that are being braught together by Desmond. MIB cannot manipulate the ALT-timeline, so he has no defense against these Candidates.

I think MIB is trying to get all of the Candidates on the plane so he can bring it down and kill them. But this would be the ultimate sacrifice as it seems that water was the trigger that set Desmond off to start flashing when saving Charlie. Water seems to be the key, since Lindelof said it. Also it seems to be MIB's weakness (can float over to hydra island). And in similar media, water was what was used in Donnie Darko to communicate from one timeline to another.

So I think Desmond, in the new timeline, will have a big pool party to save the day. Just kidding.

It would be really interesting to see MIB thinking he has won by killing everyone, but to see the timelines converge and the ALT-Candidates arrive on the island ready to bring down MIB.

Just some thoughts, thanks guys and gals.

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