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I've been watching LOST since the first episode, and being curious normally, I've come up with some theories, which have been blown out of the park previously. Now, I think I'm getting the gist of some of the occurrences that are happening.

The alternate reality is obviously some dimension created from their deepest wishes, based upon what they wanted at the moment of the original crash, or whenever they arrived on the island, be it boat, freighter, etc (which in retrospect is the entire point of showing their backstories in flashbacks).

Dan gets to play the piano, Hurley didn't get bad luck, Sawyer didn't become a criminal and is on the way to getting revenge instead of getting cold leads, Jack is still married, Claire gets to keep Aaron, Sayid is getting over his past calmly, Jin and Sun didn't have marital strife, Locke has true love, Charlie's in his band, Boone doesn't regret getting his step-sister, Desmond got respect from Widmore, etc.

Eloise seems to be aware of this fact, and may have crafted the world in some way, as she seems to know that it's not the real one.
When they're in emotional situations, they see glimpses of what really happened in the true timeline. Desmond, as we know has some form of electromagnetic anomaly, and this allows him to see into the other timeline when he is hit by magnetic energy, which makes me think that the entire alternate timeline runs on some form of higher energy spectrum.

Based on the fact that Dogan's son was in the other timeline, the alternate timeline applies to all who came to the island at any point in history, however the flashes are more likely to occur when they're close to someone else who was on the island.

What seems to have happened is that they have their deepest wish come true at the point when we first saw the alternate timeline, but every action after that moment was the characters, and so although seemingly in tune with their personality in the alternate timeline, the perfection could come undone due to circumstances (such as what happened to Jin, Sun and Sayid), or it could become better (such as with Locke). Also note that their deepest wish is not necessarily how they would want to wish it, for example, Sayid gets to see Nadia, but he's not actually married to her; Locke has love, but he's still in the wheelchair, etc
On the island, assuming that Jacob is telling the truth, the Man in Black seems to be the evil (no duh), similar to the devil in some form. He offers you what you want in exchange for your service (or goodness, maybe, seeing how Danielle's crew, Claire, etc have acted), but he doesn't deliver, because he doesn't really care.. he's just a good actor.

Widmore seems to be attempting to stop him, as are Ilana and her crew, but they're taking different methods to achieve the same goal. I think an upcoming plot twist could be Ben and Widmore having to work together, maybe with a "this is bigger than all of us" line. Widmore seems to be going to use Desmond to release a large amount of energy, which is probably some sort of defense mechanism against the Man In Black, seeing as he doesn't like strong energy things like the sonic fences. Ilana hasn't stated a plan as of yet, but that's probably the next episode, and it probably has a lot to do with Hurley and his Ghost-Whispering powers.
Jacob's existence doesn't seem to be exactly what was tying the Man in Black to the island. More likely the idea of balance is a metaphor, and in my opinion it's more likely they're both demigods of some kind who were charged with protecting the island, and one of them simply couldn't deal with it any more. Jacob has a humanistic personality, whereas the other has a sadistic and self-absorbed personality. Their personalities seem to be due to their circumstances, rather than because they're simply evil or good (cause in LOST, nothing is ever that simple), and that would fit into the tone of the show, that it's all really about choice.

Oh, and to those people who say that this season seems to make the previous seasons mildly pointless, 'cause it introduced the big characters, and so who cares about things like how Jack got a tattoo, or why Jin was being such a jackass in season one, you're not thinking story-wise. Would this latest season mean anything to us if we didn't know any backstory? Not really.
Also, when you start looking at these little details, you start piecing things together. The reason the Others were so important is because they were founded by Richard and are comprised of people Jacob brought to the island. Flight 815 was brought to the island by the will of Jacob, by which time the Others had figured out a method of sorting the decent people from the ones with bad pasts, which inadvertently went against what Jacob really wanted, though no one really knew, 'cause they'd deified Jacob (something he didn't want), but weren't actually receiving any real orders from him. The Losties with backstories (Jack, Kate, etc) are all important, because they survived until the climax of the story, which wouldn't make sense without their backstories

The Dharma initiative was important because it's where Ben came from, who also survives until the climax. The events that unfold there shaped him into who he is when he becomes leader of the Others, when he starts to try and find answers to their real problems, such as why they can’t give birth (which seems to have something to do with the time anomalies on the island), why they have to live in the middle of the jungle, etc. The Initiative also created the Dharma stations, which in turn led to Desmond’s strange power, as well as the creating of several time anomalies, which led to several of the 815ers going back in time and joining the Initiative.

Going off on a quick tangent here, the reason why Sun, Frank, Ben, and the rest on the plane didn’t end up in the past seems to be because they never existed in the past. All the events in the normal timeline seem to be cyclical (in other words, whatever happened, happened). It’s similar in saying that you know you’re never going to time travel and punch yourself in the face last week, because you already know that you didn’t punch yourself in the face last week, and so it can’t happen, since the past cannot be changed. The only missing thing in this puzzle is the events of the atomic bomb, since the island didn’t look blown up to me, but we never actually saw what happened to the island when it went off, so technically that’s just unanswered at the moment, but could be in the future. The radiation would make sense for why there were radiation suits in the hatch, and the healing powers of the island would explain the fast regrowth and lack of radiation only 27 ! years later when 815 crashed. End of tangent.

Every event seems to be important to understand the characters motivations in the finale. Even such things as Sawyer having Clementine was important, because it led Kate to Cassidy, which is what eventually pushed Kate to go back to the island. Although the climax is about the big game plan, the story is about the small events that have come to a head. Nothing is random, as the events the characters went through off-island influenced actions on-island, which in turn influenced what is happening now. In the end, those people who have watched LOST and complain about how they didn’t need to know certain things are missing the point.

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