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Team darlton interview thoughts by James

Darlton said in the interview on Jimmy Kimmel: Lost is a "self aware quatum computer consisting of fermions in a multi dimensional lattice."

I am wondering if there is anything that can be taken from fringe to be used to help explain what's going on in lost right now.

I realize it's a really long stretch, seeing as jj abrams is the only link, but the same sorts of ideas of pseudo/fringe physics are being used in both shows.

I have a feeling that when MIB/fake locke (flocke) pushed Desmond into the well, desmond's consciousness was transported to the alternate universe (unknown consequences by MIB). Nothing earth shattering there, but what desmond might have realized, that we aren't privy to, is that actions in the alternate universe have consequences in the current universe.

Links up nicely with the main plot in fringe right now.

2 universes existing simultaneously- how is this possible? They can't occupy the same space, according to our conventional physics. So, they exist on different wave lengths/at different times (by minutes or hours), just like with fringe.

Sometimes these wave lengths cross paths. Could MIB be bringing everyone together to create a "crossing of the paths?" I don't know.

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