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1- Smokey vs Water

Why is it the MIB can't cross water, as he says to Sawyer? I think, as others have speculated, that MIB's smokey-ness is linked to the islands pockets of electromagnetic activity. I remember in seasons 1 or 2, the point came about that the black smoke was only seen, or at least was at its most volatile and powerful at certain places on the island. Could this be linked to the pockets of electromagnetic activity?

2- Widmore's maps

In The Package we see Zoe (possibly the most annoying lost plot device ever!!) quizzing Jin on his knowledge of certain areas of EM energy on the island. We are quite certain that Widmore's team is opposed to the MIB, so these maps would seemingly be aiding them in fighting/stopping the MIB. Possibly further evidence for the EM enegry and MIB connection? As a sidenote to this, why Jin? surely someone like Richard or Ben would have more knowledge on such matters? And as long time Others leader, how is it that Widmore needs info on this that he doesn't already have?

3- Relationships

I'm not trying to be malicious or abusive to any other theories with this next point but i feel it's something that has to be attended to from more of a superficial standpoint. A lot of people, for some time now, have been posting theories about who 'IS' who. Examples of, 'Jacob is Aaron', 'MIB is David', 'Hurley is Bernard', 'Walt is Minkowski'. Fair enough those last two haven't been addressed (to my knowledge) but the point still stands that just because a full and coherent backstory isn't available right now for certain characters, that doesn't mean a combination of two or them HAS to be whats going on. I doubt that the writers would take such an easy way out of saying 'Oh, by the way, Jacob and MIB go back in time and become other people'. It seems lazy on the part of Darlton and a bit of a loose link to an otherwise BRILLIANT and THOUGHT PROVOKING tv show. If it turns out that Jacob is Vincent the i do apologize :)

4- Show about Science, Show about Faith

We all know the duality and contrast this show throws at Science vs Faith and in previous seasons we may have believed that only one could be the right way to go (confrontations between Locke and Jack spring to mind). I think the whole Good vs Evil, Science vs Faith, Free Will vs Destiny aspect isn't as clear cut as we'd like to believe and that it will be a combination of the two that seals the deal in the Finale. My point is thus: if neither side is right or wrong, what predictions can we make about the Widmore vs MIB face-off that we are seeing come to a head? Someone has to 'win' right? Wrong. The show is about love (happily ever after) and redemption. I think that living characters who haven't found redemption will find it one way or another and that includes MIB, Jacob and Christian (who, by the way is still the biggest ace-up-the-sleeve the writers have at this point, i can feel a WTF moment coming!!!).

5- Mythology

Yes, there is a huge statue of an Egyptian God/ess on the island and yes there are hieroglyphs all over the place but that does NOT mean that anyone we see on the show is Tawaret or Ra or Anubis or whatever. It is very interesting to draw parallels and to understand the mythology of Lost in a historical context and i think it can shed a lot of light onto the nature or characters and their motives but they are not meant to be taken literally. There area multitude of little 'nods' to different historical cultures but i think that is included to give those more avid viewers a bit of 'homework' per se. It just an interesting parallel and possible hint towards the future of the show, not an actual historical fan-fiction-esqe plotline. We will probably see how the writers resolve the mythological aspects of the show but i'm guessing it will be more symbolic and metaphoric.

Long story short, this show has given us mini-plots about science and faith and little answers to little questions but all the big questions are still there:

Why did the plane crash?
What is the nature of Jacob & MIB?
WTF is Christian and why is he walking around chatting with any old lostie?
I've not even mentionned the ALT, answers are coming for that and my assumptions are probably wrong on that particular area of the show.

Happy commenting :)

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