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Smoke is the illusion by Benjiroman

Hello all, a couple of days ago i posted a theory entitled Love and Hate is the key, which was a very basic idea for the Lost and what we may come to learn in the end of the show but now im going to elborate on a few points i made and bring up some new ones.

Ok, lets begin with the man under so many names Smokey/MIB. Something which has been in my mind for a while and was pushed to being even more likely after happily ever after is the idea that the MIB is in fact not a man at all what if he was a HATE in its purest form would black smoke not be good imagery to potray HATE, think about it this thing has been on this island for years all the people it's killed all the memories its obtained. It has seen the hearts of man and all it has left to do is hate, we have even heard the john locke impersonator say "have you ever had someone you needed to hate" HATE is an emotion behind it's control which brings me to say why it is so important that this entity does not leave the island. In happily ever after we saw a theme of Love it seems that in some way that Desmond may show the losties a way to remember who they loved in another life and to still be able to have the things that make them happy but if this hate is released from this pri! son then everything they love will come to an end or 'cease to be'. Why would Jacob bring so many candidates to the island? because the cost of releasing it would be catastrophic. Every candidate on jacobs list have suffered in there lives for different reasons and seek either redemption, acceptance or forgiveness and what better way to give your life purpose than to save the world even if your not sure how you are doing it. Pushing a button every 108 minutes, turning a failsafe key, to the person doing it, it's a waste of a life but the bigger picture is that its all for a great cause. Everyone in LOST has a Destiny but that didnt have to a good one, in ab aeterno jacob said something along lines of that he shouldnt have to show people the way they should be able to do it themselves and in the end the Doctor that has tried to find his purpose for so long and the killer that can't escape a life of violence will be seperated by which path they choose and as the tagline says ! there DESTINY FOUND.

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