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Reflections of the Candidates by Micardo

Ok, as of episode 6x10 The Package, I have noticed a recurring similarity between candidates on-island and their Flash-Sideways selves. There has been a lot of debate on which Kwon is the candidate, and I think The Package gave us that answer.
We all know that the remaining candidates were Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Shephard, and Kwon as revealed in The Substitute. Locke got crossed out by MIB in the cave, so he is no longer a candidate. We also know that Kate is not a candidate either.

As all of you know, in a specific characters centric episode, they have a 'mirror-moment' in their Flash-Sideways.

What Kate Does - Kate looks in a mirror when unpacking Claire's bags at the mechanics shop.
The Substitute - Locke sees himself in the small mirror after he gets out of bed.
Lighthouse - Jack notices his appendectomy scar in the mirror after coming home from work (He also has the reflection on the plane in LA X).
Sundown - Sayid's face is reflected in the glass of the front door at Nadia's house.
Dr. Linus - Ben has a reflection in the microwave door when cooking Roger's meal.
Recon - Sawyer frowns at himself in the mirror at the police station locker room, before smashing it with his fist.
Ab Aeterno - (No Flash-sideways)
The Package - Before answering the door and letting Keamy in, Sun is intrigued by her own reflection.

In every mirror-moment, the camera shot shows the real person on one side of the shot, and the reflection on the other side. My theory is this: The location of the person in relation to the reflection indicates whether that person is still a candidate.

Kate and Locke, they are both on the LEFT side of the screen, while their reflections are on the RIGHT. They are no longer candidates.

Jack, Sayid and Sawyer, they are all on the RIGHT side of the screen, while their reflections are on the LEFT. They are all candidates. Therefore in The Package, as Sun is on the right and her reflection on the left, I theorize that she is the remaining candidate. Arguably you could say that she is a candidate simply because she had a reflection and Jin did not.

This also leads to another theory: Ben is also a candidate, but MIB does not know it yet. He was on the right, and his reflection was on the left in the microwave scene in Ben's Flash-Sideways.

According to my theory then, in an upcoming Hurley-centric episode (which I'm sure there will be one) we will see Hurley looking into something reflective from the RIGHT of the screen, and his reflection staring back at him from the LEFT.

So there you have it, Sun is the remaining candidate.

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