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The Real Versus The Unreal by GR Wood

From what we have seen in the most recent episode it does appear that Lost has decided to venture down the path of the two opposing worlds, but rather than "alternate" it appears one is real the other false. I think the key is when Eloise is in disbelief that Hume is looking for more despite being surrounded by his “perfect world”. Which draws parallels to Truman in "The Truman show" shocking his Director Christoff by opting to try and leave the false but perfect world. Furthermore, she uses the term, “a violation" for his exploration. This can only suggest there are clear rules or boundaries to the makeup of this false world / agreement that require maintenance and monitoring, like any constructed environment.

The tool of presenting the individual as authentic and the surrounding society seen as the device of artificiality has become common in the last decade. With examples such as The Matrix (1999), Vanilla Sky (2001), Pleasantville (1998) The Truman Show and now Lost.

Traditional science fiction has always feared the invasion from others alien to themselves. Examples such as The Terminator and Gattaca suggest the fear of the artificial taking control of society. However, films such as The Matrix and The Truman Show and now Lost suggest the unthinkable nightmare that we as individuals are already living our lives within a counterfeit world.

We accept the reality of the world of which we are presented, it's as simple as that.
(Christoff: The Truman Show)

Science fiction authors such as Frederick Pohl (The Tunnel Under the World) and Robert Heinlen (They) were the forefathers of presenting this paranoid fear as a form of entertainment. If one is to consider that the lives we lead are merely illusion and deception a fear is born, which unlike other science fiction narratives is inescapable and unknowable. "The ultimate form of the paranoid fantasy that reality is a dream, controlled by secret forces to enslave us". (Horsley, 1999) is by no means a new fear. Since the beginning of philosophical debate theorists have presented suggestions and genuine concern over the thought of a simulated reality.

I shall suppose therefore that there is not a true God, who is the sovereign source of truth, but some evil demon, no less cunning than powerful, who has used all his artifice to deceive me. I will suppose that the heavens, the air, the Earth, colours, shapes and sounds all external things we see, are only illusions and deceptions which he uses to take me in.
(Descartes cited Horsley, 1999)

The ancient religion of Gnosticism that is still followed today, carries similar views to Descartes in its beliefs of soul enslavement. Gnosticism states that Jehovah who freed the Jews was in fact a false God named Samuel (“God of the Blind” or “Demiurge”.) It is believed to keep us ignorant of our true divine nature Samuel constructed our society and made all individuals distracted by material possessions and imprisoned by the fear of death. This rather sinister religion’s ethos, continues by stating that we as a people will spend all eternity confined to bodily identification and condemned to an existence of continual reincarnation.

Despite the grand origins, the end goal is key, the illumination. It is always the task of a chosen one or visionary to lift the followers or tribe to a higher level of understanding so they can escape there confines. And this appears to be quite clearly Desmond’s plan. Usually the two only available options that we see in mythology, history and religion to bring a new dawn is sacrifice and love, as these are things that break from construct. I personally feel Desmond will have to give his life and sacrifice his own love to make the illumination a possibility.

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