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The New Jacob is....... by Harvey Harvey

So, I am new to this, and this idea may already be out there but I have a idea for the candidate.

Jacob says, The island is the cork keeping the wine trapped in the bottle. Basically keeping the evil out of the world. Therefore, everyone who has been brought to the Island has had some sort of sin (evil) past or present as we all know.

Although not everyone who is on the island or has been, is a product of sin and evil that we know of. Maybe they redeemed themselves at some point to make themselves in the good graces?

But lets just focus on the actual candidates. Sayid, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, Sun & Jin (6 candidates) Kate is not on the list. The ALT life we are seeing now plays into the effects on who will be chosen, cause even in a different life given a second chance, will you redeem yourself from all evil is the question? Kate has not. But the others have in some ways.

Anyways, The candidates are crossed out as they are terminated off the list. (crossed out) I am not gonna go over why each of them is, however for I will give a few to have a better understanding.
Most of them are prob on flight 815 they were brought to the island for "the purpose" so for example:
Micheal - Dead. Sinned. Murder. - Crossed out
Charlie - On island was a addict, and off island in ALT life still is. He did not change. - Crossed out
I can go on but you get the idea, think about all the people who have died and what sin they have not overcome, of did do.

So Jack, came to the island a addict, as well. Killed people on the island. ALT life not a addict, and more compassion. Still not a candidate. He loves Kate she is evil Kate is Sin. so NOPE! not the winner.

Sayid, Kileed people on the island. killer in his past still a killer in ALT timeline. Killed all those people in the restaurant. And is actual dead as of noe so NOPE! not a winner.

Sun, Lied about a affair, and still is lying in ALT timeline about her relationship with Jin, lied to Jin about speaking english, so NOPE not a winner.

Jin, hitman for Sun's father involved in shady business. ALT timeline is with Sun, against her father's orders. NOPE not a winner.

Saywer, Conman deadbeat father, killed people on the island. and ALT timeline a cop who lies to his partner about his involvments in Sawyer, the man who killed his parents. so.....

The winner is for the replacement of Jacob is....
Before the plane crash, what sin did Hurley create? He won the lottery, bought cluck cluck chicken had a bunch of bad things happen to him. ALT timeline a great man who donates, listens and does everything he can to help even being as rich as he is. Hurley has never sinned on or off the island, other than hiding some ranch dressing. He fell in love with Libby, a women of no sin. He is learning leading right now, and listens to the deceased, and helps those around him in experiencing some of those moments. I.E Richard and his wife. He can see Jacob, and puts his heart first, and never complains that he is on the island. He does'nt understand it sometimes, but he takes it for what it is. Take that into play with some of the other losties as a comparison and you can clearly see why hurley would be the match.

Rebuttle away folks!

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