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Thoughts on Waaaalt.

I don't think we need to be told explicitly the significance of why or how he was special, and the following idea is my answer, unless he is mentioned again.

The following also helps reaffirm my own belief that Christian on the freighter etc was NOT a continuity error, and it wasn't random ghost Christian getting involved.

Walt is special in that he can appear in places he shouldn't be.
for example:
In the rain appearing to Shannon
In the swan computer communicating with Michael
"Get up John"

This ability was also a concern of Ms Klugh in her conversation with Michael, and led her to question his heritage, "are you his father?"

This ability of appearing in places they shouldn't is also one of Smokies gifts.
for example
Christian on the freighter
Christian in the hospital.

I think that the Others knew of this ability, (perhaps smaller ghost Walt appeared somewher he shouldn't have done, before the plane ever crashed?) so abducting and examining Walt would help them discover more about this power, in turn helping learn more about the Smoke monster. Maybe they were concerned that about his lineage and needed to know that Michael was his father, to confirm that he was just a regular boy, and not the next smoke monster. Maybe they were trying to learn more about the origins of the Monster. Once they had learned all they could they were happy to see him off the island.

I also don't think Walt was particular aware he was projecting himself, particularly when seen in Through the Looking Glass. But he did say in The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham that he had been dreaming of John Locke, so I think all instances have probably happened in his sleep and somehow his subconscience is connected to the island. I think the island (Jacob?) attempts to connect to people in their sleep, to give them "further instructions" for example, but I think Walt was special in that the island could act out its intentions through him.

I see Walts purpose in the story was a fore-shadowing to the power of the smoke monster, as well as the connection the island has with some people such as Eko, Locke, maybe even season 6 Jack. Even if this was not the original plan for Walt, this is good enough for me. I don't intend for this to be a big explanation, but this will be my take come the end, and how I will interpret it on my many re-watch-athons. I don't think we will (or need to) have any further time spent on this mystery on screen.

To summarise, Walt showed similar powers to Smokie = Shit scared Others.

Anyway, remember I said "thoughts" and not "answer to everything"!


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