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Mommy and Daddy issues by ProgLOSTicator

This theory is a guess at who Adam and Eve are and how they got there. Probably been hit on before but here it is and props to anyone who wrote it before me.

We've heard that in order to be the leader of the Others you must kill your father. We've also heard that Locke or MIB had a crazy mother. We also know that many people on the island have had problems with either their father or mother.

This is pure conjecture but what if a whole family was stranded on this LOST island and one day the father becomes infected. Soon he is at odds with his family, a la The SHining. Soon enough one of his sons becomes infected as well. Maybe the infected father has a hand in it. Jacob soon realizes that he can't defend the others for ever and it will only be a matter of time until the father kills them all. Jacob kills his father in order to protect the family (unaware that Daddy had already infected his brother). When Jacob's infected brother, MIB learns this he kills their mother to spite Jacob.

Maybe their parents are Adam and Eve in the cave. Maybe the black and white rocks in the pouch were a message to whoever would find the bodies that they were killed by the two entities who are at odds with each other on the island.

To go one further maybe the family was a merged family. Maybe Jacob was the mother's son and MIB was the father's son. When the parents started to feud (because of the infection), the mother and Jacob left and lived in the statue. Maybe they just thought their father went crazy. Maybe they didn't know about any infection. To them it would seem that the father just went berzerk just like in The Shining. Then the killing starts and yadah yadah yadah.

That's why Jacob has daddy issues and MIB has mommy issues. Jacob is a mama's boy and MIB is daddy's litter helper.

Another similar idea is that maybe the parents were perfectly normal but the two boys somehow become infected. Jacob then kills MIB's father and MIB kills Jacob's mother as revenge. Or vise versa. They lay them to rest in the cave. Then the fued continues.

Whachya think peeps?

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