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The Love Connection by Locke4God

Just breaking down the connections, since apparently after Happily ever after, LOVE, is a big factor in breaching the gulf between timelines.

So here's what we've got so far

1. Desmond & Penny
2. Charlie & Claire
3. Daniel & Charlotte (God why did Sawyer have to hook up with Dan's girl?)

Also in Happily ever after we had
4. Widmore & Hawking (They were together at least)

So coming up we might be able to expect

5. Sayid & Nadia
6. Hurley & Libby (I always wondered why they went out of their way to have him hook up)
7. Sawyer & Juliet
8. Jin & Sun
9. Alpert & Isabella (sorta already happened)
10. Ben & Alex (plutonic - I hope)
11. Rose & Bernard (The example of love = the answer)

and geeez,,, who the heck are we missing?

Oh yeah,,, JACK & KATE!!!!

Unless Jack dies, this is happening. It has to. Every other character is nearly desperate to get back to person they love and that's what will drive them to make the ALT - Island connection. It may happen even if he does die. In fact both are likely.

The only caviate to the "you must be in love theory" is the lack of any connection with a few significant characters. Ilana for one.

And what about Locke? Helen has been nowhere to be found for years in the Island timeline, but he's dead anyway so does that relationship even matter? It still feels weird to have him sitting on the bench for so long. Perhaps the love connection he brings will free his body from MIB? Now that's not a bad idea.

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