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Locke is a Polar Bear by Eric Knows it all

Ok, the following is part theory, part truth, and 100% just for fun.

Our little LOST group started watching LOST for the first time last October. Now we are on our second "go-round" and are HUGE fans of the show. (possibly even obsessed)

Early on when we were watching it for the first time we became hyper-sensitive to people accidentally giving us "spoilers". So we were very careful to even let people know we were watching the show because the very mention of it brings about responses such as "Ooo.. I loved it when they started time traveling." DOH!!!

We started to joke amongst ourselves about our hyper sensitivity towards spoilers. We would pretend to accidentally spill out a spoiler just to get a cheap laugh. Our favorite phony spoiler was…

"Did you know that Locke is a Polar Bear?" Doh!

We figured the dumber the spoiler, the better.

Now flash forward to season 5. People (mainly online and on Twitter) began referring to Locke as Flocke. When I read it I wasn't exactly sure why so many people were using the term. So I typed "Flocke" into Google and hit search.

As you can see (if you try it yourself) the results of my search gave me my own "LOST moment".


Ladies and gentlemen…. Locke is a Polar Bear. ;)

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