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Juliet-we can go dutch by Supernerd

Remember in The Incident and LAX? Juliet was down in the pit. She tried to set off the bomb and all the Losties traveled in time. Then in LAX we saw Juliet again as she was dying. She was awake in the pit and Sawyer eventually got to her. They then had this conversation:

Sawyer:Don't worry.
Juliet:We can get coffee some time.
Sawyer:I gotta get you out of here.
Juliet:We can go Dutch.

And now look back on Happily Ever After. Desmond was thrown into the electromagnetic chamber and passed out for a few seconds. While he was passed out though, he lived an entire day in the ALT universe. He then awakened and fully remembered the events of the ALT.
Both Desmond and Juliet were exposed to an extremely large amount of electromagnetic energy. I believe that because of this both of them consciousness traveled to the ALT. However, as Widmore said, Desmond is unique to the human race in that he can survive an extremely large amount of electromagnetic energy. Juliet died. Desmond lived. I think that Juliet briefly passed out in the pit. She lived her other life and had a conversation with Sawyer. She then traveled back to our "main" timeline.

I'm not sure if anyone else has come up with this theory yet but I just had that thought and decided to post it. Thank you for reading.

-Supernerd =D

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