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Just a thought....... this is short and scrappy but with some interesting bits.

To be a successful candidate you need to be dead? The whispers are not done with, I've long believed that they are one part of a futuristic legal system, the dead fulfilling their roles as jurors in trials.

"The size of the jury is to provide a "cross-section" of the public"...."a jury of six was sufficient"

Jury Selection:
"the first step of jury selection is composing a jury pool".
"Selected jurors are generally subjected to a system of examination"....."this is known as voir dire".
"Generally, defense attorneys exclude jurors who have professions or backgrounds similar to that of the victim and who could thus feel an emotional link to them, while prosecuting attorneys exclude jurors who might show affinity to the defendant."
"Parties, lawyers, and witnesses are not allowed to speak with a member of the jury".
"Each juror is given a number to protect his or her identity".

Is Jacob the accused Criminal and Illana his defence lawyer protecting his jurors?
Could this make MiB/Smokie the unwilling Prosecutor/Judge, gathering and protecting his own jurors?
It's not enough for the candidates to just be dead, they need to have obtained a lifetimes worth of interference by Jacob for their eventual judgement to be in his favour.

Bentham and Locke (the historical humans)

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