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Jacob really dead? by Jason

Is Jacob really dead? In a way I think yes. We all know from previous episodes, both MIB and Dogen both say when they ask Sayid and Richard to kill Jacob and MIB respectively, don't let him speak to you, if they do, it'll be too late.

As we saw when Jacob was killed, he had a lengthy conversation with Ben before the dagger was plunged into his heart.

Does this not apply to Jacob? I don't think so. But we never really saw another time where the dagger was driven into his chest except when Ben killed him. Richard was taken down by Jacob before he could. The MIB on the other hand, spoke to Sayid before he thrust the dagger into his heart, and good old smokey just stood there.

Are there different rules that apply to both MIB and Jacob? I think so. But I also think it was Jacob's destiny/plan to die then and there. It was all apart of his plan to thwart MIB in the long haul. When Sayid stabbed MIB, I think it wasn't MIB's time to die.

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