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Jack Has Already Fulfilled His Destiny

Jack’s path during the past 5 seasons was to find his way from being a man of science to being a man of faith. Being a natural born leader, his mission was to get everyone to follow him on this path. He doesn’t know it yet, but Mission accomplished.

Daniel Faraday is the quantum physics mastermind behind everything. But, he never lived long enough to see some of his biggest theories tested. But Eloise Hawking did.
Perhaps the most important clue about what is happening came in

Season 5’s the Variable:

ELOISE: Your gift, Daniel, is your mind--a mind that is meant for science, mathematics. And it's my... job to keep you on your path. So... unfortunately, there's no more time...
ELOISE: ...for distractions.

DANIEL: But I want to keep playing the piano. I can do both. I can make time.
ELOISE: If only you could.

By now, we all know that the 1977 bomb somehow created and alternate reality. What we don’t know, is which reality is the alternate?

Lets go back to the Variable in Season 5:

FARADAY: Who told you to get on a plane?
JACK: As a matter of fact, Dan, it was your mother.
FARADAY: [Sighs] And how did she convince you, Jack? Did she tell you it was your destiny?
JACK: Yeah. That's exactly what she said.
FARADAY: Well, I got some bad news for you, Jack. You don't belong here at all. She was wrong.

But his Mother was right. It WAS Jack’s destiny. She knew, what Daniel didn’t, that she would shoot and kill her son. Eloise Hawking knew that if they had any chance at all of creating this alternate reality, this chance to stop the MIB, Jack would need to carry out what her son had started. By believing that dropping a nuclear bomb would fix all their problems. By becoming a man of faith.

So what is Jack’s role now? At this moment, other than blowing up a plane, Jack doen’t have a clue or a plan. Right now, he is just acting on instinct. Jack's leadership insticts have basically been shattered. Jack’s only remaining insticts now are to protect. He has resigned himself to accepting whatever his destiny is.

I honestly don’t believe that Jack will be the new Jacob. It would be too obvious and expected by most people. My guess is that he is going to play a key role in protecting the actual candidate. Someone he would give his life for.

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