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Ok Folks. Taking a stab at this. Looking at everything about Lost, and looking at the MIB and Jacob, I`m thinking..... What a crappy way to end a amazing show if it is as it seems. Jacob is good, MIB evil. It`s Like throwing a hotdog, down the hallway to easy and way too much space inbetween. So here`s my thought.

Jacob, obviously wanted the canidates there to take over for him and the island, it appears that he is the one who sends people to the island all the time. Look what that has done to the island.
-Used for scientific purpose
-created infertitlity
-wrecked peoples lives good and bad
-created power struggle and fear
-taken the lives of many who did not deserve it; Alek, Boon, Eko, Charlie, Claire, Juilette, so on and so on.
Who does that, who brings people to a place they so desperatly want to leave.
Only someone who is not good like Jacob, who would bring someone there, like Ben a innocent child and turn him into a mean Linus, who would do anything for Jacob. How is that right. Its not and here is why.
Nothing is as it seems, which is why don`t be mistaken for his white clothing or the white rock being thrown away or the many people who protect him. You don`t ask people to follow you, or get them to help you if you are the good one. They follow you either way cause they believe in you and don`t need any reason not to. With Jacob there, is always that question, and although he plays that role of being god, don`t be fooled. its too easy!
Both Jacob and the MIB have the same demeanor about them, except one wants to leave the other is the smoke monster. However I believe the MIB is actually the good one. Who says white means good. It can also mean transparent, and black is solid....

Either way, the MIB has protected the Island, he has tried to preserve it, he wants to leave, cause eventually a new Jacob will form and the circle will repeat with a new loophole and maybe new people, to invade the island. What can he really do if he were to leave, how does the world end. Its just not possible. The MIB uses his smoke monster abilities to kill the people who would damage and harm the island. Look who is left, and who has died, would any of these people exploit the island. Nope prob not. But if he kept those alive that he killed they prob would.

If jacob were such a saint he would know, that he would die. That Ben would attempt to kill him, that his time was done. You don`t just sit in a temple for years, and not know that your time is up. He never left the temple, cause he was the one confined there. just like that shack, he has always been locked up and confined. Other than his appearances. However the MIB is always on the loose defending what is his. The island. A place he has defended for so long, and nothing ever works, more people come more people go, and nothing ever changes. Why stay there, and do what you`ve done for years for no purpose other than to seem like the bad guy and never get ahead.

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