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I have been trying to come up with a theory on some of the colors that they keep showing us. If you remember when Locke was taking a bath in the episode the Subsitute he was looking at two differnt swatches for him and Helens wedding. One of them was sort of a green or olive color and the other was a purple or violet color. He first picked the green one but then changed his mind after Helen seemed to like the more purple colored one. I also noticed something in last weeks episode Happily Ever After. Zoe was looking at a computer screen(during the Desmond experiment) and one side of the screen had a three-D model with green on one side and purple on the other. It was almost like the two different realitys that we are seeeing were being represented by the two different colors on the computer screen. Another thing that I keep noticing is that peoples shirts seem to be changing colors. The start of this season we se! e Flocke in a greenish olive colored shirt that he has worn most of the show. A few episode ago when Flocke shows up in Suns garden his shirt now looks purple and she was also wearing a purple shirt underneath a white shirt. Why would the smoke monster need to change his shirt?? and is that even possible?? I know that this is just some ideas and questions more than a theory but I would love to have some imput on wether or not anyone else has noticed all of the people that seem to be wearing the color purple here recently on the show. Especially in sun and jins recent episode. Maybe it is showing which reality they are in right now?? Or possibly who`s side they will end up on?? Maybe even which ones will die!! I noticed Kate is always wearing a gray or ash colored shirt. Maybe she is the hidden candidate?? Please help me!!! Jason

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