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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Ziel

This is my first theory that I’ve posted on Lost, so please be gentle if it doesn’t sound right, I haven’t seen any other theories saying this, so sorry if it’s been said already. Ok here goes.
So far we’ve seen 2 individuals who are definitively a certain ‘’colour’’ each, i.e. They are universally accepted to be represented by this colour. I am, of course, speaking about Jacob=White

Nemesis / MIB=Black.

Now a few days ago I was thinking about a theory that I had seen speaking about another ‘’colour’’ in the show, an idea of Locke = Red.
I didn’t really think much more about it TBH, until reading about the ‘’Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’’ on Wikipedia, it stated the colours of the ‘’Horses’’ were;
White Red




White = Evil or Righteousness (It isn’t really agreed upon)




All of these individuals have some kind of connection with the Island. Which IMO is vital in making them capable of being represented as ‘’colours’’
Okay so first of all the 2 known ‘’colours’’

White = Jacob = White here may mean something along the lines of ‘’False God’’, (I’m not really sure TBH)
Black = Nemesis / MIB = Famine (not necessarily) of food, but he has been denying them freedom & peace for quiet some time.

As for Red and Pale; I had seen the trailers for ‘’The Package’’ in which Nemesis mentioned ‘’the war’’ arriving. This got me thinking about who has been represented with Red. In ‘’Flashes Before Your Eyes’’ we see that Desmond has the colour Red in many of the scenes with him, i.e. the Red paint.
And so with this in mind I said that if Desmond were to show up it would be significant for this theory.
With this in mind I still believed that Locke had a ‘’colour’’, which, via process of elimination had to be Pale and therefore Death. Death fitting enough isn’t it.
And he did, so here’s my list of ‘’colours’’

White=Jacob=‘’False God’’

Black=Nemesis /MIB=Famine


Thanks for reading !!

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