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Ok so here is how the Flash-Sideways is going to be integrated into the story, in my opinion of course:

The Flash-Sideways is the "New Batch" of Candidates. The Losties that we have been following for 6 Seasons are going to sacrifice themselves in order for the Sideways versions of themselves to complete the defeat of the Man In Black.

Jacob knew he was going to die, he did this to show us that Death does not lead to the End, but to Salvation.

It only ends once.

It's not going to end in 2007.

It's going to end in 2004. In the Next Life.

The one thing that the Man In Black can NOT control is LIFE.

Life and Death.

Death is the control of the Man In Black.

But it is in LIFE that our Losties, under Jacob, have FULL CONTROL.

Once LIFE is sacrificed, sacrificed for something GOOD and FAITHFUL, the Man In Black is powerless.

The 2007 Losties must sacrifice themselves. Their reward: The ones who follow can defeat the Man In Black. Once and For All.

The 2007 Losties are THE ONES WHO CAME BEFORE.

They are the Mirror. And in this Mirror, the Ones who Follow see something more than just a reflection, they see purpose, they see LIFE.

LIFE is the greatest gift ever given. And to use it to it's fullest extent is the ultimate weapon against Death.

Those we LOST never really left us. They did what they could. They struggled on and on. And On. Until this one time. Where Evil is withstood. Where the Heart can break Smoke.

The LOSTIES are the Deus Ex Machina. They are the saviors. Not of the world, but of themselves.

Redemption can not always be found in this life. But maybe, in the next one, we can change it all. We can remind ourselves that this is why we are here. This, is what they died for.

The Heart can be a wild and intriguing item, but its greatest power is Love.

The Man In Black feels no Love. And it is in Love that Humans find salvation.

Look in that Mirror. That's why you are who you are. Not because of what you choose today, but what you chose yesterday.

So don't dwell on what isn't. Don't fret the shortcomings in this world. Face Evil. And even if it seems that no matter what we do, it will always be here, know that if we keep fighting, if we keep trying, we will find a way. And when salvation comes, we must do what we are meant to.

We can Live together, or we can Die alone.

What do you chose?


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