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Find a Hole in This & Win $1000 :-) by Locke4God

Desmond is going to get everybody to see their island lives, and presumably to have them link up with their other selves in some way.

So Jack, Hurley, Sayid, etc. All will get their chance to see their island lives.

But what about Locke?

He's the only one of the main cast who is dead on the island and we've heard before that there was a reason. It was his destiny to do that. What happens when he links up with his other self?

I propose that the ALT is in fact Jacob's own countermove to MIB's loop hole. Jacob figured out what the loophole was and he baited MIB and characters MIB needed into doing things that would complete that loophole, and he did that so he could have them create an ALT universe.

But Why?

Because MIB's loophole involved killing a candidate and assuming his/her form. It happened to be Locke, and as we all know MIB is stuck in FLOCKE form.

So what happens when a character's conciousness from the ALT starts to return to their bodies in the Island time?

MIB can't go anywhere. He's stuck in Flocke form. Widmore knows this, Jacob knows this, and as soon as Sayid takes Desmond to the main Island to meet Flocke, Desmond will know this, and Desmond has the ability to transition between realities.

Desmond will get each candidate in the ALT to realize the existance of the Island time, and when he gets to Locke, Locke's consciousness will transition into Flocke, reclaiming the body, and more or less screwing MIB.

There could be some variations on this, but there has to be a point to Locke being dead, Desmond crossing time, MIB being stuck as Flocke, and a reason for the ALT. This covers all of that.


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