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Im usually an avid reader of all the theories and speculation people are posting.Just had to throw something out there. There is one thing I feel i might be on to something and wondering if anyone might think the same after watching "Happy ever After".

Eloise seems to know everything going on here. I've read people post about MIB taking the form of Aaron right after the oceanic flight. (Clair saying she didnt feel the baby kick anymore, until jin made her the sea fish/urchent whatever) Im thinking that MIB'S crazy mother might just be Eloise. The lady knows so much from both timelines and just plays a huge roll in this all together.

Could she be the one that started this all with jacob and mib?Could she be the crazy mother, or am i going off the board with this one?? dont chew me up to bad people! thanks..P.S. WHAT A GREAT F'N SHOW!

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