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Two canoes are at the beach and the zodiac raft is gone.They assumed that whoever took the zodiac tried to escape from the ones that arrived the beach using the cannoes.
Here is the tricky part.If this is true then when Locke's team took the one canoe they became the ones that the other canoe chased believing they are the ones that they should chase.But they are not.

The ones they where after escaped on the zodia raft.
Now are the second cannoe a bad team or a good one.
Widmore 's people has the tecnology not to use cannoes so a assume they are not Widmore's team.
Here is my theory.I think this is a Big Man in Black 's plan.He wants to "reproduce" that event.Aka he knew John Locke's flash and brough Alpert there to help him and remove the bullet.
Now on this event he wants someone to be killed,maybe....JACK.
My theory is...
He trickes his chasers by taking the zodiac raft and he let them believe he took the first cannoe knowing that that cannoe will be used by tha flashed team (Locke.Sawyer,Juliet,Miles,Faraday,Charlote).
With this move he hurted or even killed (through Juliet who fired three times aiming that cannoe) someone of his chasers.
We now know that MIB cant directly kill the candidates or the candidate.This plan gives him a good chance to do that and maybe something more.If he does not succed, they (his chasers),will know
that at least he has guns and crew too and he can fight back.

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