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With the recent episode and its implication that Christian left Claire money in his will, I had an interesting idea.

I think one of the contributing factors to Christian's death was Aaron.

It is easily conceivable that Christian kept track of his daughter. Even if he wasn't in direct contact with her, he probably knew the basics of her life and what was happening.

This would mean he knew about Aaron. (Or rather, just that his daughter was pregnant.) And in the original timeline, Claire's child would be his only grandson.

I'm sure Christian must have known somehow about the adoption - and I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted his only grandson growing up with strangers.

So, Christian was in a bit of his a dilemma. He couldn't acknowledge his daughter and grandson without ruining his marriage. But he couldn't let his grandson be raised by another family either.

THUS HE WAS DRINKING. Unsure of how to deal with this situation, Christian turned to the bottle. He started drinking a bit too much.

Then what happened? JACK. Jack rats him out for being under the influence during surgery - Christian gets suspended or whatever and this is just the icing on the cake.

Christian flies to Australia. He's in a catch 22. But now that this career is ruined, he's been pushed over the edge into the only solution he can think of.

He can confront exposing his affair - but only if he's dead first. He adjusts his will, and kills himself. And he knows that after he's dead a large sum of money will go to Claire - so she can raise the baby on her own. And he knows that Claire will likely meet Jack and Jack's mom in the process and thus Aaron wil have some support growing up.

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